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Correct me if i am wrong but i am sure its the size of a soccer feild

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2009-02-13 04:02:35
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Q: How many feet in the length and width of a speed ball field?
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What is length and width of the throw ball?

lenght= 19.8 and width=9.8

What is the Width of a volley ball court?

As far a I know, the width of a real volleyball court is 30ft, and the length is 60ft.

What is the length and width of a volley ball net?

The length of the net is 30". The width must go the width of the court which is 29' 6" although it can be longer but antennae would are attached at the boundary lines.

Speed of a field hockey ball?

In field hockey, if you hit correctly, the ball can reach speeds of up to 100 MPH!

What is the speed of field hockey ball?

100 miles/hr

How far can you throw a soccer ball?

I've seen a player throwing ¼ of the field. Length.

Rugby pitch size?

The IRB rules state that The field of play does not exceed 100 metres in length and 70 metres in width. Each in-goal does not exceed 22 metres in length and 70 metres in width. (2) The length and breadth of the playing area are to be as near as possible to the dimensions indicated. All the areas are rectangular. (3) The distance from the goal line to the dead ball line should be not less than 10 metres where practicable.

Can a bowling ball be measured with a ruler?

It would depend on what you measured, it would be challenging to measure the circumference, but the radius, length or width would be easy.

How long is a gridiron field?

The length of the American football field is 120 yards. The field of play is 100 yards and on each end is an end zone that is 10 yards in length. The length of a Canadian football field is 150 yards. The field of play is 110 yards and on each end is an end zone that is 20 yards in length. A team scores a touchdown when they are in possession of the ball within the end zone.

Why does the length of a golf club affect the distance the ball will go?

Hitting a ball far depends mainly the loft a club has, club head speed and hitting it square on the face. But longer length makes your club head speed higher to hit it farther but you lose control.

How many gallons in a 28x 16 oval pool?

length X width X average depth x 7.5 will get you a ball park figure.

How far apart are the offensive and defensive line in football?

The length of the football defines the width of the neutral zone. When the referee places the ball on the ground, no player on either team (except the center on offense) may may line up with any part of their body inside the neutral zone. The neutral zone extends the entire width of the playing field.

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