How many fans does netball have?

Updated: 12/4/2022
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Q: How many fans does netball have?
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How many posistion in netball?

there is five posistion in netball thank you

How many quarters are there in a Netball game?

There are 4 quarters for netball

How many meters tall is a netball post?

the netball post is 10 ft tall!!!!!

How many calories do youu burn in netball?

for a hour of netball 300 i think depending on what position you play

What are netball scores?

netball scores are people who keep track of how many goals each team scores ;)

How many games does each team play in a netball season?

in netball max you are allowed to have 11 people.

How many refrees do you need for netball?


How many possisions are there in a netball team?

There are seven positions on a netball team.Goal AttackGoal ShooterGoal KeeperGoal DefenceCenterWing AttackWing Defence

What is the venue for netball?

you play netball on a netball court :)

How many players in compettive netball?

In netball one team has 7 players so in a full game of netball there are always 14 people on court and usually 2 subs for each team.

How many players are in netball?

In netball there are seven players on each side and there are normally 2-3 subs hope this helps

''How many players play netball on Saturday''?