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All the people who are leaving in the world loves lionel messi . Messi is the god of the football. There is only messi & there will be one messi

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he is the best in the world or even in history

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Q: How many fans does messi have you want the real answer?
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No Ferguson does not want Lionel Messi, and Messi want leave Barcelona for anything.

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Will messi ever win a world cup?

I dont think so because he did poorly with Argentina in the copa america 2011 and he plays differently with barcelona because he has Xavi and Iniesta and if you don't believe me take a look at his performance with Argentina in the copa america 2011. Messi's goal record since 2006.World cup 2006-1 goal.World cup 2010-0 goals. And copa america 2011-0 goals and 1 assist.Barca and Argentine fans are even making excuses such as saying "Messi doesn't have a good team" or saying "Messi has a bad coach" but the fact is that messi has a very good team such as teammates like di maria, higuan, tevez,etc. Sergio batista got sacked and when maradona was the coach, fans where saying he was a terrible coach but now they want him back.You can't compare a legend like maradona who achieved alot in Italy which by far has the toughest defence than any other football league in the world and as we all know messi can only play good for and only barcelona but barca fans just cant accept that and they dont like losing.I remember that diver and actor Dani alves stating that real madrid fans cant accept losing but hes a liar.Because of his diving,it cost pepe a red card and Real Madrid crashing out of the champions league and he denied the rumors of him diving and acting but theres proof he dived and as usual the refeeres help them and so does UEFA with the help of platini but you fans all know that UEFA cant stand the truth and neither can those idiot Barca fans when theres proof right infont of their eyes.The refeeres disallow goals for other teams because they get paid by pep guardiola or uefa and the main refeere in charge of helping barcelona is Massimo Bussaca.but in some cosequences like formation meeting and player improvement messi leads as the argentina to the world cup.

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