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Manchester United have 97'898

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Q: How many fans does Manchester United have?
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What are Manchester united fans called?

Manchester United fans, United Fans or Red Devils.

How many Manchester united fans are there?

Manchester United have approx. 659 million fans according to a survey done by the club.

How many currently fans Manchester united?

As Manchester United is the club with the biggest fan base , the fans will be in millions , that is world wide.

How many Manchester united fans are there in Manchester?

none they are all from salford or london

How many fans does Manchester United have on facebook?

over 350 million fans

How many Manchester united fans in the world?

659 million.

How many registered fans do Manchester united and real Madrid have?

Manchester united has a little over 75 million fans, while Real has over 450 million. With that, Real Madrid is the club with the most fans worldwide.

How many Manchester united fans worldwide in 2012?


Which team has more supporters Liverpool or Manchester United?

Manchester United has more fans

Are you a Manchester United Fan if yes like this page Manchester United for real Manchester United Fans?

just in case. i am a manchester united fan. obvi

Which team has the most fans in manchester?


There are 50000 people at a football match between Manchester United and Tottenham if 60 percent of the spectators are Manchester United supporters how many people at the match support Tottenham?

30,000 Tottenham fans, 20,000 Glory hunters... I mean United fans.

How many Manchester united fans worldwide?

more than a million the most is in England

Where do Manchester united fans live?

Many fans live in Manchester but because of its huge success in football and the money they gain from adverts, sponsors. franchises, etc the club has millions of fans living all across the globe.

Who did Manchester United beat in 1995?

In 1995 Manchester United beat everything in the world even crushing the worlds worst team Chelsea 5-0 in what Manchester United fans voted the best game of the century. Chelsea fans, realising how stupid they were began supporting Manchester United due to their brilliance.

Manchester United or Manchester City who as the most fans based in Manchester?

Manchester City by a mile. Most Man Utd fans live in places like Torquay and Guildford and Idaho USA!

Does Liverpool have more fans than Manchester United?

manchester has more fans meaning theyre more popular, but liverpool fans are more passionate towards their club

What sports team has the most fans?

Manchester united - 330 million fans worldwide

Which football club has the biggest fans in the world?

Manchester united has the most fans in the world !!!

Which club has the most fans world wide United or Liverpool?

Manchester United

How many fans has manchesterunited?

Manchester United is one of the most popular clubs in the world and has a large following worldwide. It is too difficult to count how many fans they have.

Which club has the most number of fans in soccer?

Manchester united

What club football team has the most fans?

Manchester united

How many fans watched Manchester United play at Old Trafford in season 2005-2006?


How many spectators does Manchester united have?

They can up to 76,000 Fans in old trafford but on average 40,000 to 69,000

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