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The Chicago Bears have billions. Da they are Da Bears.

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There are 18 Chicago bears currently on the team.3 under 30 years old.

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more than 2


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Q: How many fans do the Chicago Bears have?
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What type of sports fans wear clothes featuring the Chicago Bears?

Fans of NFL, or Football, are those who would wear clothes featuring the Chicago Bears, as they are an America Football team. Specifically, fans of the Chicago Bears would wear apparel featuring their motto, colors, or mascot.

Where can one purchase a Chicago Bears jersey?

Chicago Bears jerseys can be purchased from many sports retailers and stores. Some examples that stock Chicago Bears jerseys include Finish Line, Fans Edge, and Nike Store.

What year was the first Chicago Bears hat made?

The Chicago Bears Hat was made officialy in 2010. It was made in the year of the Chigago Bears finnaly winning a score in the playoffs. There aren't too many fans of this hat.

Who has the bigger fans base Chicago Bears or green bay packers?


What team does Matt forte play for?

Chicago bears Chicago bears Chicago bears Chicago bears

How many rings do the Chicago Bears have?

The Chicago Bears have won 1 Super Bowl championship. The Chicago Bears won the 1985 Super Bowl against the New England Patriots.

Are Chicago Bears fans a counterculture?

Absolutely not. Bears fans are rather mediocre with their support of their team. This is noticeable in Chicago news media, and noticeable with the noise levels at the stadium. NFL teams with a counterculture fanbase would be teams like the San Francisco 49ers. Their fans physically assault opposing teams fans, punching and kicking them for standing in line trying to buy a beer. 49ers fans are routinely arrested at games, shout extreme profanities during contests, and were t shirts that are inappropriate. There are plenty of other examples of counterculture fans in the NFL, but Bears fans are rather mundane and complacent, thus would not be an example of such.

How many people are on the Chicago Bears?


How many dropped passes did the Chicago Bears have in 2009?

Rashied Davis of the Chicago Bears, had one dropped pass this season.

Where can Chicago Bears sweatshirts be purchased?

There are many different online websites that have Chicago Bears sweatshirts for sale. Some of these websites include the Official Chicago Bears website, Majestic Athletic, Amazon, and Nike.

How many postseason appearances by Chicago Bears?

The Bears have made the playoffs 24 times.

Why would someone want glasses with the Chicago Bears logo on them?

Someone who is a huge fan of the football team the Chicago Bears would be very happy to have glasses with the team's logo on them. Fans will also probably buy apparel with these logos on them, and perhaps hats too.