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Nottingham Forest's stadium capacity is currently 30,500.

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none because everybody prefers derby cmon you rams

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Q: How many fans do Nottingham forest have?
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Who is the manger of Nottingham forest?

Billy Davies is the manager of Nottingham Forest

What was the hillsborough tragedy?

It Was When Liverpool versed Nottingham Forest and 99 Liverpool fans where crushed and killed on the 15th of April 1989. Fans Still Want Justice .... for the 96.

How good are Nottingham forest?

Nottingham forest are the best team in the world!

What was result leeds v Nottingham forest?

2-0 Nottingham Forest

When was Nottingham Forest F.C. created?

Nottingham Forest F.C. was created in 1865.

When was Nottingham Forest L.F.C. created?

Nottingham Forest L.F.C. was created in 1990.

Where was Nottingham Forest FC founded?


Which Word links Black New and Nottingham?

Most probably, it would be forest, giving you the Black Forest, New Forest and Nottingham Forest.

What division does Nottingham Forest participate in?

Nottingham Forest football club plays in the Top Division.

Who is better Chelsea or Nottingham forest?

On paper, Chelsea are better than Nottingham Forest. Chelsea boast of many trophies and their place in England's first division Nottingham are still in the 2nd division and don't have as many trophies as Chelsea. But it is up to you to decide who is better.

How many Nottingham Forest players have scored 4 goals in a game?


Is Sherwood Forest near Nottingham?

Yes it is just to the north of Nottingham, England.