How many fa cups have liverpool?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: How many fa cups have liverpool?
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Who has won most fa cups?


Who is better man you or Liverpool?

I support Liverpool very much but it is your opinion!!!

Who has won the most fa cup medals with the same club?

Manchester Utd Have won the FA Cup 11 times, followed by Arsenal with 10, Spurs with 8. Liverpool & Aston Villa with 7 cups LIVERPOOL LOSERS

How many fa cups have Liverpool won compaired to how many fa cups Manchester united have won?

Liverpool F.C. won the FA cup won 7 occasions1973-741964-651991-921988-891985-862000-012005-06where as Manchester United F.C. won it 11times1908-091947-481962-631976-771982-831984-851989-901993-941995-961998-992003-04

How many trophies have Liverpool won in history?

18 League Titles 5 European Cups 7 FA Cups 7 League Cups 3 UEFA Cups 3 European Super Cups 15 Charity Shields 3 FA Youth Cups So.. 61 including the youth cups

Why is Liverpool a successful football team?

They have won 18 Division One title, 7 FA Cups and 5 European Cups.

How many times did Liverpool play Man Utd in the UEFA Champions League and who won?

18 premier league titles each Liverpool have won 7 fa cups 7 league cups 3 uefa cups and 5 European cups man u have won 11 fa cups 3 carlin cups 3 uefa cups so lfc have won 40 cups i think and man u have won 35 i think

How many fa titles does Liverpool have?


How many cups did Liverpool win altogether?

Altogether Liverpool won 90 cups

How many fa cup has Liverpool won?


How many time's have Liverpool win the fa cup?


How many times have liverpool won fa cup?