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6, Surfing, Skateboarding, Bmx, Motorcycling, Rollerblading and rallycars

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Q: How many extreme sports are there?
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How many people die a year from extreme sports?

About a million people have died from extreme sports. Some of which include working out alone.

What are some facts about extreme sports?

That people do extreme sports

How many people die from extreme sports?

About a million of people have died from estreme sports.

Which sports are considered extreme sports?

Many sports are considered extreme sports. Some extreme sports include BASE Jumping, Bodyboarding, Extreme Canoeing, Cliff Jumping, Freestyle motocross, Hangliding, Extreme Biking, BMX: Vert, Street, Dirt, Freestyle (Flatland), Mountain Biking: Downhill, Freeride, Paragliding, Rock Climbing, and/or Sand Boarding.

How is adrenaline related to extreme sports?

it has things that are cool with extreme sports and bikes

When was Extreme Sports Channel created?

Extreme Sports Channel was created in 1999.

When did Deca Sports Extreme happen?

Deca Sports Extreme happened in 2011.

Why people do extreme sports?

People do extreme sports for the adventure and the adrenaline rush that it gives them. Most extreme sports enthusiasts have trained for years to get the skills needed for their extreme sport.

How many extreme sports deaths are their in a year?

7. no more, no less

How many people die from extreme sports every year?

approximately 10-20 people die every year from extreme sports but I could be wrong my self

What is the correct definition of extreme sports?

Extreme sports can be defined as a collection of newer sports involving adrenaline-inducing action.

Why do people enjoy extreme sports?

Because its extreme.

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