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Q: How many ex nfl players have sons playing in college?
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Which current NFL players are sons of former NFL players?

Peyton Manning and Eli Mannng are the sons of former QB Archie Manning.

How many Mannings play in the NFL?

If we are only talking about Archie Manning's sons then he has only 2 sons playing in the NFL, Payton and Eli. If you want to know how many players with the last name Manning are in the NFL then you need to add 2 more, Danieal and Ricky. Danieal and Ricky are distant cousins but neither are related to Payton and Eli.

How old are most basketball players when they start playing?

It depends. Some fathers start their sons and daughters out at a very early age and some kids do not play basketball until they are teenagers.

Sons of quarterbacks playing as quarterbacks?

Peyton and Eli Manning are both sons of Archie Manning

Who are Tracy Austin's children?

Tracy Austin has three sons: Dylan, Brandon, and Sean. They have all pursued sports careers, with Dylan and Brandon playing college tennis and Sean enjoying success as a college basketball player.

What college does Michael Jordan's sons attend?

Florida State

What pro basketball players sons played pro sports?

Michael Jordan's son

What is Eltham College's motto?

The motto of Eltham College is 'The glory of sons is their fathers'.

What is John Tyler's favorite activity?

playing marble with his sons

How many sons does aurora?

sixs sons

How many sons did Lincoln have?

four sons

Is it grammatically correct to say - the sons and their sisters?

YesThe son and his sister = 1 son, 1 sisterThe sons and their sister = many sons, 1 sisterThe son and his sisters = 1 son, many sistersThe sons and their sisters = many sons, many sistersThough in reality this is a strange way to say it. More normal would be "The sons and daughters".