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3 events were added just for Women's Boxing

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Q: How many events were added to the 2012 olympic games for women?
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What is the newest Olympic event?

Women's boxing was added in the London 2012 Olympic games

Which event is the newest to the winter olympic?

Ski cross was added to the list of events at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. Women's ski jumping is likely to be added at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi.

In which events at the Olympic games do women only participate?

Synchronised swimming

When were the female gymnastics added to the Olympic games?

1928 Games in Amsterdam. Women began competing for medals in team all-around and not individual events. Individual event medal competition was added at the 1952 Games in Helsinki.

When were women allowed to compete in swimming events at the Olympic games?

The first swimming events held for women at the Summer Olympic Games were held in 1912 - competitions in the 100 metre freestyle, and the 4x100 metre freestyle relay.

Did women's boxing make its Olympic debut at the London Olympic Games?

Yes with 3 events for the different weight classes

If woman were found in the ancient Olympic games what punishment did they get?

There were no women's events, and all adult women were barred from attending the games on pain of death.

When did women start to compete in the Olympic games?

They did not compete at all in the ancient Olympic Games in Greece- this was limited to male athletes only. They first began competing in the modern Olympics at the Paris games of 1900, in the sports of lawn tennis and golf. They were admitted to athletics events in the 9th modern Olympics at Amsterdam in 1928, where the women's 100 metres was won by Elizabeth Robinson of the USA. From then on, women's participation in a wider range of events was added on a piecemeal basis to each Olympic tournament.

When were women allowed to play in the olympics?

The first Olympic Games to include female athletes was the 1900 Olympic games in Paris. Twenty two women competed that year in five sports events.

What bobsledding event was added to the olympic games in 2002?

Women's two. The 2002 Games in Salt Lake City were the first Games with an event in bobsleigh for women.

What did the American women have to wear in the 1912 Olympic swimming events?

There were no American women competing in the 1912 Olympic swimming events

When was judo introduced to the olympic?

The Judo men's division was first introduced to the Olympic Games in 1964. The women's division asa added in the 1992 Barcelona games.

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