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There are ten events in an Olympic Decathlon. Some of the events include running, shooting a rifle, bicycling, and swimming. The decathlon takes two days for all of the events to be finished.

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Q: How many events in decathalon?
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How many events are there in a decathalon?

10 events.

Which olympic field events are men only?


What is a decathalon?

A track competition where the competitors compete in 10 events.

What is a sporting event for athletes that includes 10 events called?


What is the origin of the word decathalon?

The origin of the word decathalon is a combined event in athletics consisting of ten track and field events and is greek in origin and is won by the contestant that has the highest total score.

What events are in a decathalon?

100 meters, Long jump, Shot put, High Jump, 400 meters, 110 meter hurdles, Discus, Pole Valut, Javelin, and 1500 meters

What sports in a decathalon?

Track and Field

What is a 10-event contest?


What event take part in a decathalon?


What Olympic sports start with D?


What is a ten event sport?

a decathalon in the Olympics

What isa ten event athletic contest?


What is the final event of a decathalon?

The 1500 m run

What does athletic contest of 10 sports mean?

A decathalon

What are the release dates for Natural Heroes - 2004 Solar Decathalon 1-13?

Natural Heroes - 2004 Solar Decathalon 1-13 was released on: USA: 2 September 2004

What are the release dates for The Odd Couple - 1970 The Odd Decathalon 4-3?

The Odd Couple - 1970 The Odd Decathalon 4-3 was released on: USA: 28 September 1973

What is an Olympic sport that starts with a d?

Try discus and decathalon

In the Olympics what did Daley Thompson win a gold medal for?


The winner of what Olympic event is considered to be the worlds greatest athlete?


What are some good parkour shoes?


Who was the Pentathalon and decathalon winner in the 1912 Olympics?

Jim Thorpe of the United States.

Who won the men decathalon in 1976?

Bruce Jenner, the same guy who is now on the Kardashians.

Penthalon and decathalon champ of 1912?

Jim Thorpe for POGO #53 ACROSS lol

Which race has the best athletes?

Olympic decathalon, probably; great mix of stamina and divers skillage

What is a main part of the Winter Carnival?

Gene performs in a fake Decathalon. (apex)