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* about 5 or 9 and one of them is discus throwing.

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Q: How many events are alike in the modern and ancient Olympic games?
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How many Olympic events are alike in the modern Olympic games and the ancient Olympic games?

about 5 or 9.

How is ancient Greece alike modern US?

their are not

How are modern calendars and ancient calendars alike?

They are both alike because they both tell the what day it is, but the modern calenders are more acurate. =)

Who researched Greek myths?

Modern people and ancient alike.

How are modern and ancient Rome alike?

for one reason, there Gods have not changed at all, and there sports are almost the same, there modern language is based of ancient Romen.

What are the similarities between ancient Greek society and modern America society?

i'm doing like a project thing 4 school and i sorta have the same question as you so here's what i got: what is alike about ancient Greece and the current day america is the Olympic sports because some of physical sports in the Ancient Greek Olympics are in the current USA ones like, wrestling and boxing.

How is ancient Egyptian education alike with modern education?

We both teach our kids safe sex and we both whip our kids

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Modern Warfare is better nothing is alike

How are probabilities of independent events alike?

They are not!

How are ancient Greece and ancient china alike?

China and Greece were alike because they were separated small states but they were unified by a person the quin king in china and Alexander in Greece

How is ancient China and Egypt alike?

they are both cities

How are women in the Iroquois Confederacy and Women in ancient Athens alike?

They aren't really alike but, there is one thing : They both can't vote.

Is ancient Athens and modern US more alike or different?

One was a city-state in a corner of Greece with a population including slaves of a quarter of a million, the other is half a continent with over 400 times the population.

How are Hatshepsut and Tutankhamun alike?

Both were ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

Are modern day and Egyptian ceremonial practices alike?


How was gupta and maurya alike?

they are both ancient civilizations that controled india. :)

How are experimental probability and theorectical probability alike?

Both are measures of the likelihood of events.

How are ancient China and ancient Egypt are alike?

They had royal families/lots of gold/power driven/believed in gods and that's about it...but, then again, many ancient civilizations were like that.

How are ancient Rome's government and the United States' government alike?

borh are democracies

How are the US and Ancient Rome alike?

both of them misused their power and will pay for their mistakes

How were the gods of the ancient egyptains and the Aztecs alike?

They both social class systems. Hope this helps!

How are ancient Greece and Iran alike?

Iran came two thousand years after the ancient Greeks. The two couldn't be less alike. Ancient Greece was 2,000 independent city-states spread around the Mediterranean and Black Seas. Iran was and is a unified state in the Middle East.

How are the Aztecs and mound builders alike?

They all were indigenous people who came from ancient cultures.

What aspects of ancient Greece are still evident in modernity?

The buildings and culturaly we are very much alike

How are experimental probability and theoretical proability alike?

Both are measures of the likelihood of events whose outcome is uncertain.