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how many employees in cowboys stadium

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Q: How many employees do the Dallas Cowboys have?
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How many shares does Jerry Jones have in The Dallas Cowboys?

He owns the whole Franchise of the Dallas Cowboys.

How did the Dallas Cowboys become the Dallas Cowboys?


How many championships do the Dallas Cowboys have?

The Dallas Cowboys have won five Super Bowls in the eight that they have been in.

How many super bowls have the Dallas Cowboys lost?

The Dallas Cowboys have lost 3 super bowls.

How many games did the Dallas Cowboys lose in 2009?

The Dallas Cowboys record in 2009 was 11-5.

How many interceptions do the Dallas Cowboys have?

Through the 2010 NFL season, the Dallas Cowboys had 20 interceptions.

What is Chris Brown favorite football team?

his favorite football team is the dallas cowboys

How many times in a role have the cardinals beat Dallas cowboys?

How many times have Arizona cardinals beat Dallas cowboys in a roll

How many times Dallas Cowboys lose in the Super Bowl?

The Dallas Cowboys have had three Super Bowl losses.

Who many wins did the Dallas Cowboys have in 2011?

The 2011 Dallas Cowboys won eight games and lost eight.

How many championships does Dallas Cowboys have?

They have 5

Where can someone find the upcoming Dallas Cowboys schedule?

The upcoming Dallas Cowboys schedule can be found on many different websites. Some would be ESPN and the official Dallas Cowboys website.

When and where were the Dallas Cowboys created?

The Dallas Cowboys joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1960. They were known as the Dallas Cowboys.

How many playoff victories do the Dallas Cowboys have?

Cowboys have 32 so far.

When were the Dallas Cowboys established?

The Dallas Cowboys were established in 1960.

How many players are on the Dallas Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys have 53 men on their active roster, and 8 men on their practice roster.

In the first 40 years how many owners did the Dallas Cowboys have?

The Dallas Cowboys have had 4 owners in their history so far.

The Dallas Cowboys won how many Super Bowls?

The Dallas Cowboys played in eight Super Bowls, winning five.

How many playoff appearances how the Dallas Cowboys have?

The Dallas Cowboys have appeared in the playoffs 30 times between 1966 and 2009.

How many current Dallas Cowboys players have rings that they have won in a super bowl with the Dallas Cowboys?

None. Many of them were in grade school the last time the Cowboys won a Super Bowl.

Who is the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys?

Tony Romo is the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

What is that Dallas Cowboys schedule?

The Dallas Cowboys schedule is linked below.

NFL team with the most fans?

The Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys.

Did the Dallas Cowboys have another name?

No. They were called the Dallas Cowboys from 1960.

What will the Dallas Cowboys record for 2009 be?

the dallas cowboys will be 11-5