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Q: How many employees are employed at Fratton Park for Portsmouth Football Club?
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What is the capacity of the Fratton Park football stadium?

Fratton Park Football Stadium has a capacity of 21,100 people. It is located in Portsmouth, England and has been the home to the professional football club Portsmouth FC since it opened in 1898.

Where do Portsmouth play?

If you are talking about Portsmouth Football Club, then the awnser is fratton park, Frogmore Lane. As a resident its easy to spot the four floodlights at each corner of the ground coming into the city!

Is Fratton Park in the north west of England?

Fratton Park is located in Portsmouth. It is located in the county of Hampshire on the South Coast of England.

Who the first football team to play an fa cup tie under floodlights?

It was Portsmouth

Which football team in the premier league has the smallest dimension for their pitch?

West Ham United, Boleyn Ground, 110 x 70 yards, 7700 square yards Read more: Obviously this changes every season as teams move up from the Championship and down from the Premierleague. ---------- St. James Park may have been the smallest pitch in the premir league, when this question was asked.

How tall is Fratton Park?

Fratton park is about 114 metres tall

How many seats are there in fratton park?

The total capacity of Fratton Park is 20,224

When was Fratton railway station created?

Fratton railway station was created in 1885.

How many seats are at fratton park?

The total capacity of Fratton Park is 20,224 (all seater)

When was fratton park built?


What are the train times from Fratton Portsmouth to Petersfield?

Train times can change frequently(some are on time and others are canceled/delayed). It's best to check on line at the National Rail web site or by calling National Rail at 08457 48 49 50.

When did Stanley Matthews play at Fratton Park?

foot ball