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I think there has been eight.

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Q: How many elimination chambers have there been?
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How many elimanation chambers in wwe were there?

If you mean how many elimination chamber matches have there been,then there have been 11.

How many elimination chambers has Triple H been in?

16 times. Triple H has been to every Wrestlemania since WMXII except WM23 when he was injured.

Is there going to be 3 elimination chambers at WWE no way out 2009?

There's only going to be 2 elimination chambers at No Way Out where both the WWE and World titles will be on the line.

Who won 2 WWE elimination chambers?

john Morrison

Who will be at elimination chambers?

john cena shames randy Orton hhh ted babyis

WHO has won the most elimination chambers?

No superstar has won more than 1 elimination chamber except Triple H; hes won 4 :O

How many times did john cena lose?

total matches played 620. and won 584.... lost 20(fairly) and lost 16(unfair i.e, cheated)

How many chambers are in a birds heart?

BAA (been answered already) - four.

How many times has Triple H won an elimination chamber?

triple h has been in 4 elimination chamber matches and has won 2 of them, Shawn michaels has won 4 of them...

How long has munro chambers been acting?

Munro Chambers Has Been acting since 1998

How many chambers are in a human?

5 chambers

How many chambers did the constitution create?

Two chambers.