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Q: How many ducks has javed miyad scored in one day international?
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How do you say sounds good in farsi?

benazar khoob miyad

What is the Hebrew and Greek word for immediately?

Hebrew: miyad (מיד) Greek: amesos (αμέσως)

How do you say remember in farsi?

بخاطراوردن ، ياد اوردن ، بخاطر داشتن. Phonetically "Yadet miyad" "Do you remember?".

How do you say I Hate You in dari?

in persian we say: "azat badam miyad!" i know persian so dari is the same. a bit different. :)

How do you say i hate you in farsi?

Man azat motaneferam (man az-at mot-a-ne-fe-ram) or Azat badam miyad (az-at bad-am mee-yaad)

What actors and actresses appeared in Crack - 2013?

The cast of Crack - 2013 includes: Djalalli Amouche as Zo Helene Frecque as Kim Vincent Heneine as Nino Beatrice Jaulin as Gina Maud Jurez as Stella Mohamed Makhtoumi as Miyad

What movie and television projects has Mohamed Makhtoumi been in?

Mohamed Makhtoumi has: Played Policier patrouille 2 in "Sauveur Giordano" in 2001. Played Manu in "Plus belle la vie" in 2004. Played Mahmed in "Engrenages" in 2005. Played Beaten Man in Paris in "Fay Grim" in 2006. Played Homme Hicham 1 in "Truands" in 2007. Played Le double in "Palizzi" in 2008. Played Ami de Wahid (2009) in "Inside Jamel Comedy Club" in 2009. Played Miyad in "Crack" in 2013. Played Diego in "11.6" in 2013.

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