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Q: How many ducks did don bradman make in test cricket?
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How many ducks did Don Bradman score in Test cricket?

Don Bradman's first duck occurred in his twenty-first innings - though his following two Test innings saw him score 226 and 112 runs. Bradman scored a total of seven ducks in Test cricket, including the legendary final innings in which he was dismissed for a duck.

How many runs did don bradman make in his career?

6,996 runs in International Cricket

How many runs did Don Bradman get?

Bradman scored 6996 runs in total in test cricket.

How many games of cricket did Donald Bradman play in his whole career?


How many double centuries has bradman had in test cricket?

12 Double centuries

How many runs did Don Bradman score in his last inning in test cricket?


How many countries did Don Bradman play test cricket in?

He played only in two countries.

How many times ganguly ducks in cricket ODI matchs?


How many runs did Don Bradman score in his first innings in test cricket?

18 runs of 40 balls.

How many times don bradman out on a duck in first class cricket?

The Don in 1st Class Matches got 16 ducks in his 295 dismissals in 338 innings in 234 matches with 28,067 at an average of 95.14. He got 7 ducks in his Test career with 2 in a row on one occasion- cheers Michael Ball

How many cricket matches did don bradman play in for state and Australia?

52 test matches 234 first-class matches.

What got Don Bradman into cricket?

Don Bradman was keen on cricket from a very young age: he spent many an hour practising his cricket using a stump and a golf ball. Bradman developed his legendary split-second speed and accuracy by practising hitting into a water tank on a brick stand behind his home: when hit into the curved brick stand, the ball would rebound at high speed and varying angles. His exceptional skill developed out of these early years.

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