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Q: How many double centuries Brodman scored?
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How many double centuries has VVS Laxman in Test Cricket?

VVS Laxman has scored two double centuries in Test Cricket.

How many double centuries in test cricket scored by hashim amla?


How many centuries has Rahul Dravid scored?

In ODIs he has scored 12 centuries and in tests he has scored 26 centuries

How many double hundreds does Rahul Dravid Scored?

Rahul Dravid has not hit any consecutive double hundreds.

How many test double centuries has sehwag scored?

He has10 now 2 triple,4 double & 16 centuries in test cricket.22 in all. Now 23...2Triple,4 double & 17 centuries.

How many batsmen have scored more than 2 double centuries in test cricket?

Maybe Sachin Tendulkar!

Which Australian batsmen have scored a test double century?

Many Aussie batsmen have scored double centuries.. Even in the present times, boon, border, langer, taylor, chappel, ponting and waugh twins have scored over 200 in a test innings

How many half centuries did sehwag scored?

72 Half centuries.

How many test centuries has Sunil Gavaskar scored?

Sunil Gavaskar scored 34 centuries in Test matches.

How many centuries has Ricky Pointing scored?

39 test centuries and 29 odi centuries

How many first class centuries scored by Jack Hobbs?

199 centuries

How many batsmen have scored more double centuries in test cricket?

Sangakkara has 6 test double centuries. The only batsmen with more double centuries are- Bradman, 12- Lara, 9- Hammond, 7At 6 is also Miandad and Attapatu.Sachin has 7 international hundreds,one in ODI's and 6 in tests.As of December 3, 2009, Virender Sehwag has Joined this group. The only Indian with 6 double centuries.