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There are 430 dots on a Nike Golf ball. It took me 10 minutes to find out by marking each dot with a pen. Then writing down how many each time I made a line.

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Q: How many dots are there on the surface of a golf ball?
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How many dots are on the surface of a Rawlings WM1 basketball?

there are exactly 958 dots on this ball.

How many dots are on a Titleist 4 golf ball?

The number 4 is for identification purposes only, this does not affect the amount of dimples. A Titleist golf ball usually has 332 dimples on a Pro V 1X, and 392 for a Pro V 1.

How many dots on a golf ball?

Usually between 300-500. There is no set number, manufacturers claim that they have the optimum number and arrangement of the dots. Titleist ProV1 (a market leader) has 394

How many divots are on a golf ball?

A "divot" is the grass torn from the surface by the impact of a club, typically a lofting iron. The term for the marks on a golf ball is "dimples." (see the related question below)

How many syllables in golf ball?

The phrase "golf ball" has two syllables. The syllables of the phrase are golf-ball.

How many feathers in a golf ball?

There are no feathers in a golf ball.

How many dimppiels are on a golf ball?

There are 366 dips in a golf ball

How many dips in a golf ball?

There are 366 dips in a golf ball

How many dots are there on the surface of a netball?

It depends on the manufacturer, style of the ball, size (if it's standard size or not)... Why don't you start counting!? ;)

How many bumps are on a golf ball?

there are 538 average dimples on a golf ball

How many dimples are on a regulation golf ball?

there are 336 dimples on a golf ball.

Why does the golf ball have so many dimples?

The dimples on a golf ball are designed to make the ball aerodynamic and fly as smoothly through the air as it can. The reason there are so many dimples as it is as many as they can fit on the golf ball to give it the best flight.

How many holes are on a golf ball?

none, a golf ball only has indents not holes.

How many dents are in a golf ball?

A Golf Ball Has Between 380 and 422 Dimples.

Why are there numbers on a golf ball?

Numbers on a golf ball are there to help players identify their golf ball. As many players play the same brand the number will let them know if the ball is theirs or not.

Why do golf balls fly further than tennis balls?

There are several attributes of a golf ball that make it fly farther than a tennis ball. A golf ball is smaller than a tennis ball, so it has less surface area, which means it experiences less drag (air resistance) as it hurtles through the air. Furthermore, the tennis ball's surface is fuzzy, which increases its air resistance, whereas a golf ball's jacket is hard and dimpled, which improves its aerodynamic properties, increasing its distance when struck. Many different dimple patterns and designs have been experimented with to increase a golf ball's "length." A golf ball is more rigid and elastic than a tennis ball. It resists deformation much more than a tennis ball does, and when deformed, it returns to its original shape more quickly. This means that more kinetic energy -- of the club in the case of the golf ball and the racket for a tennis ball -- is transferred to the ball to propel it and is not wasted on deforming it. Incidentally, experiments have proved that the golf ball is the fastest moving object in all of sports (not counting the shooting sports, of course). ADDITION: The ball in JAI ALIA is the fastest ball in sports.

How many dots are on a basket ball?

on a basket ball, there are about 2, 958

How many sides are on a golf ball?

There isn't really a number of sides. Since a golf ball is a ball, there is no definite side.

How many indents are there in a golf ball?

253 indents is the optimum amount on a standard golf ball.

How many centimeters in a golf ball?

The diameter of a golf ball is not less than 4.27 centimeters.

How many dots are on the surface of a basketball?

According to the Spalding website, (, there are 122 dots per square inch on a Spalding basketball which makes approximately 35,000 dots total. Some basketballs have different designs, though, and will have a different number of total dots. but the dots are grips so the ball wont slip out of your hand

What is inside a golf ball?

Inside a golf ball can be many things. It could have a rubber ball, with rubber bands, and some have a cork and rubber

How many circles are on a regular sized golf ball?

They are called dimples, and there is about 300- 400 dimples on a golf ball.

How many types of golf ball are there?

Hundreds of models of golf ball.There are 2,3,4 and 5 piece golf balls. Spin/ distance/ velocity and ladies golf balls.

How many dots does a ping pong ball have on it?

0 - ping pong balls are solid in color with no dots