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There are nine domed stadiums in the NFL. They are:

  • AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX - Home of the Dallas Cowboys
  • Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA - Home of the New Orleans Saints
  • Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA - Home of the Atlanta Falcons
  • Reliant Stadium, Houston TX - Home of the Houston Texans
  • Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis Missouri - Home of the St. Louis Rams
  • Ford Field, Detroit, MI - Home of the Detroit Lions
  • Mall of America Field, Minneapolis, MN - Home of the Minnesota Vikings
  • University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ - Home of the Arizona Cardinals
  • Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN - Home if the Indianapolis Colts
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Q: How many domes are in the NFL league and what are they call?
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How many domes are in the NFL league?

Six NFL teams played in domes: St. Louis Rams New Orleans Saints Minnesota Vikings Detroit Lions Indianapolis Colts Atlanta Falcons

Can NFL teams play with there domes open?


What does the initials NFL stand for?

The NFL initials stand for: National Football League. Most people call it (The) National Football League

Are nfl stadiums in Tampa Jacksonville or Tampa domes?

No, they are both open air stadiums.

What does nfl mean in football?

NFL is an American football abbreviation. "NFL" stands for "National Football League". National because the league is played across the nation; Football because the game played is referred to as "football" (It is known as "football" in America. Many countries refer to it a "soccer".); League because this national game is played with multiple teams in many places at different times, etc. (unapproved definition of "league").

How many football teams are in the national football league?

32 teams in the NFL.

How many teams were in the league when the Browns won the NFL championship?

10 teams.

How many syllables is in the word NFL?

NFL - three syllables, N-F-L National Football League - six syllables, na-tion-al foot-ball league

Why do they call it NFL?

At first, the NFL was called the American Professional Football Association but the name was changed after two years to National Football League. There was no real reason behind the name change.

How many mergers have the NFL had?

Two. The NFL merged with the All-American Football Conference in 1950 and the American Football League in 1970.

What is NFL miner league?

The NFL presently does not have a minor league system. There are minor leagues of pro and semi-pro football but they are not affiliated with the NFL.

How many national football league teams are there in the US?

32 teams in the NFL.