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You need 10 players, 5 one one team, and 5 on the other.

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Q: How many do you need for a basketball game?
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What you need for a basketball game?

You need a basketball da silly

What do players need in a basketball game?

Two baskets and a basketball.

Need a sentence with the word basketball?

The basketball needed air. We played a game of basketball.

How many periods are in a basketball game?

A basketball game has four quarters.

Is during the basketball game a sentence?

It is not in and of itself a sentence. You need to tell what happened during the basketball game.

What equipment is needed for basketballl?

To play the basketball game you need: Basketball, Basketball Ring with net and Basketball Board.

How many fans were in the first basketball game?

Its said that there were about 190 people at the 1st basketball game which was a high school basketball game.

How many players in basketball play the game?

If someone is in basketball, they play the game.

How many referees in a NCAA basketball game?

there are two refferies in a basketball game

How many officials are they in a game of basketball?

A game of regulation basketball has two officials.

How many minutes are in a college Basketball game?

There are 40 minutes in college basketball game

Why do you need muscular endurance in basketball?

becaus eyou need to be able to keep running throughtout a basketball ball game

How many miles does the average basketball player run in a game?

An average basketball player runs about 5 miles in a basketball game!

How many quarters are in a highschool basketball game?

4 quarters are in a high school basketball game

How many quarters are in a basketballgame?

there is 4 in an NBA game and 4 in a NCAA basketball game or college basketball.

How many quarters in a basketball match?

There are four Quarters in a Basketball game

What do you do in the game of basketball to succeed?

You need a strong defence and offence.

How many minutes per quarter are there in an olympic basketball game?

10 mins per quarter in an OLYMPIC basketball game

How many referee should a basketball game have?

The official number of referees in an NBA game or collegiate basketball is 3. The referees are the officers in charge of a basketball game and the final decision lies within their power.

What are five things that you need for a game of basketball?

Well you need two teams of five. 1 or 2 basketball goals.(Can play halfcourt with 1 goal) Some way to keep score. Basketball.

How many quarters are in college basketball game?

College basketball games are divided into halves.

How many people go to a basketball game?

Around 20,000 for pro Basketball games

How many innings are there in an official basketball game?

There are nine innings in a game.

How many players it take to play a game of basketball game?


What education do you need to become a basketball player?

you need to have love for the game and confedence for your teem mates.