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Q: How many division titles have the denver nuggets won since 1976?
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How many division titles have the St. Louis Cardinals won since 1980?

Since 1980, the St. Louis Cardinals have won three Eastern Division titles and eight Central Division titles.

What year did the Denver Nuggets lose the most games?

The Denver Nuggets' worst season since joining the NBA in 1976, was in 1997-98. That season they lost 71 games and won only 11.

How many division titles have the yankees won?

As of 2009 the New York Yankees have won 16 Eastern Division titles since 1969 when the division was formed.

Who is the Denver nuggets leading scorer?

Carmelo Anthony has led the Nuggets in scoring in seven of eight seasons since 2003-04. Their all-time leading scorer is Alex English with 21,645 points.

When was the last time the Chicago Bears won the division?

they last clinched the division in 2008, making it the first time since 1908 that they clinched back to back division titles

How many time have arsenal won division1?

Do you mean the Premier League, or the Championship? They won 10 titles in the old Division 1, and have since won 3 titles in the Premier League since it was created in 1992.

Which NFL team has won the most division titles?

Dallas has 21 division titles. Pittsburgh has 19. The most in the modern history (ie, since 1960) of the NFL. Minnesota is third with 18. It should be noted that Pittsburgh has been the league since 1933. Dallas-1960 and Minnesota-1961.

How many teams has Chauncey Billups been on since his draft?

6 teams total:Boston Celtics,Toronto Raptors,Denver Nuggets,Orlando Magic,Minnesota Timberwolves and Detroit Pistons

How many division titles have the Houston Astros won since 1993?

The Houston Astros have won 4 Central Division titlessince 1993. They were won in 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2001.

Which English Premier league club has won the most premiership trophies?

Manchester United. The 'Red Devils' have won 13 Premier League titles since 1992-93 season and 7 more since 1908 as First Division titles, winning a total of 20 top flight league titles

How many division titles do the cubs have?

Through the 2008 season, since the National League went to divisional play in 1969, the Cubs have won 5 divisional titles: 1989, 1994, 2003, 2007, 2008

Where can you find gold nuggets?

Since the Gold Rush was in California, you may be able to find gold nuggets there. With all the hidden treasures on the ocean's floor, there has to be gold nuggets there.

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