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Q: How many division championwships does romo have?
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What is the nationality of the last name romo?

I know some Romo's and they hail from Mexico.... just like Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys :) The last name Romo is a Spanish last name. It is true their are many Romo's from MX.

How many Does Tony Romo have?

Tony Romo has 17 this year, 30 for his entire career.

How many yards has Tony Romo gotten by passing?

Tony Romo currently has 13,028 yards passing.

What are Tony Romo's parents name?

Ramiro and Joan. Although many call his dad "Romo"

How many wins does Tony Romo have with dallas?


What is the birth name of Mike Romo?

Mike Romo's birth name is Michael Romo.

Is Tony Romo related to a Ryan romo?


How many times has Tony Romo been hurt?


How many playpoff games has Tony Romo won?


How many times has Tony Romo been sacked?


How many Super Bowl does tony romo have?

Zero, Tony Romo has not played for a Super Bowl. He has four playoff appearances, but only one win.

Tony Romo's ethnic?

Tony Romo is Hispanic.