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UConn has been playing division 1A football since 2000. Between 1978-1999 they were a 1AA team, between 1973-1977 they were a division II team, and between 1937-1972 they were a College Division team. During their existance, UConn has not won a national championship in football. They are credited with 15 conference championships, all in the Atlantic 10 between 1949-1989.

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Q: How many division 1A football national championships does UConn have?
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How many national championships has uconn won in basketball?

The UConn men's basketball team has won 2 national championships coming in 1999 and 2004. The UConn women's basketball team has won 6 national championships. The Huskies won the 2009 national championship in April.

Which school won the men's and women's NCAA Division 1 basketball championships in the same year?


What division is UConn basketball?

UConn mens and womens basketball play in NCAA Division I.

What NCAA Division 1 Men's basketball team won the last national championship?


How many players from UConn have won NBA championships?


How many championships have uconn womens basketball been in?

u tell me

What schools have won both mens and womens ncaa basketball championships?

university of Connecticut and University of Maryland

How many championships does uconn womens basketball team have?

Uconn women has won 7 championships went 39-0 whole season. They also went 4 season undefeated, and won 78 games in a row.

What college basketball teams has the most national championships?

U.C.L.A.-11 Kentucky-8 Indiana-5 North Carolina-5 Duke-4 UConn-4

What is the 2010 UConn football schedule?

A bunch of losses!

What is Connecticuts football teams name?

Uconn huskies

What year did the same school win both NCAA basketball championships?

2004 uconn

Who has the longest NCAA win streak in women's NCAA division I basketball?


What college Football helmet blue with white c?

UCONN (university of Connecticut)

What are the most popular sports teams in the state of Connecticut?

uconn basketball and football

What is the name of the college basketball team that won the men division last year?

Uconn Huskies

What school has won the most NCAA men's and woman's basketball championships?

Tenn and UCONN are tied at 8...Tenn having 8 in womens and 0 in mens while UCONN has 6 in womens and 2 in mens

Who won the NCAA national championship in 2004?

Uconn beat Georgia Tech

Which team won the NCAA men's basketball national championship in 2011?


What was the first college to have both its men's and womens's basketball teams in the final four?

UCONN did it in 2004. They both won National Championships as well and were obviously the first to do that too. 1983 U of Georgia's men and women were the first to do it.

What type of sports teams does the UConn Huskies have?

UConn Huskies is the common name of the University of Connecticut. This University has many sports teams including football and basketball. UConn also has men's and women's hockey teams, golf, and Lacrosse teams.

What is the name of the Uconn college football team?

The University of Connecticut's athletic teams are known as the Huskies.

What college basketball team had the longest winning streak?

Men- Division I - UCLA with 88 wins (1971-1974) Women- Division I - UCONN with 90 wins

What colleges in the new England region are division 1 in men's basketball?

Boston College, Harvard, Vermont, Uconn

Who was UConn's coach in1947?

Who was Uconn's Coach in1947?