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Ohio State



Bowling Green State

Kent State



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Q: How many division 1-A football teams are in the state of Ohio?
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Who are the 10 division 1 football teams in Ohio?

1-A: Akron, Bowling Green, Cincinnati, Kent State, Miami, Ohio, Ohio State, Toledo 1-AA: Dayton, Youngstown State

Who are the only division one teams to win multiple national titles in basketball and football?

Maryland, Michigan state, Michigan, Ohio state, Syracuse, Florida

How many division 1 football teams in ohio?

10. D-1A (FBS) - Akron, Bowling Green, Cincinnati, Kent State, Miami, Ohio, Ohio State, Toledo. D-1AA (FCS) - Dayton, Youngstown State.

How do you know what football teams go where?

Listen to the name- Ohio State Buckeyes belong to Ohio state.

What do you have to know on the state of Ohio?

That all of the sports teams there suck, including their football teams.

Why does Ohio State schdule other Ohio teams?

It is a tradition for Ohio State to play other Inner-Ohio Teams, since Ohio State used to be one of the weaker teams in the NCAA before becoming a powerhouse in the late 1920s, and being the only powerhouse football team in Ohio. Ohio State has not lost to another Inner-Ohio football team since 1924.

Has Ohio state ever played Rutgers in football?

No, Ohio State and Rutgers have never met in college football. The first meeting between the two teams will take place in 2014 as they will both be members of the Big Ten's East Division.

Which teams have never had an 8-loss season in Division 1A football?

University of Tennessee Ohio State University Michigan (was on the list until 2008)

How many Division One college football teams have won 14 games in a season?

BYU 1997. Ohio State 2002 Alabama 2009

Is there a rule that says Ohio State must play in-state games in football?

No, there isn't, but there is a tradition at Ohio State to play one or more football teams from Ohio each year.

Are there any Junior college football teams in the state of Ohio?


Which college football teams have most bowl wins?

Ohio State

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