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1 diving board and8 diving blocks!

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Q: How many diving boards and blocks are there on an olympic pool?
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How many judges are there in olympic high diving?


How many olympic diving medals does Canada have?

10 medals

How many liters are there in an olympic diving pool?

1 litre

What is the height of a standard diving board?

There is no standard height. Many recreational diving boards are about 3 feet. They can also be 5 feet high.

Where can a diving board be bought?

There are many only retailers which sell diving boards, including Amazon and eBay. They can also be found at local junk shops and places such as Goodwill.

How many gold medals has Tom Daley won in the Olympics?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, he has not won an Olympic medal.His only Olympic appearance was at the 2008 Games where he finished 7th in platform diving and 8th in synchronized platform diving.

How many events is Tom Daley in?

That depends on which competition he enters. There are several events. 3m platform, 10m platform, synchronised, or diving boards.

How many Olympic diving events?

8. Men and women both perform in springboard, platform, synchronized springboard, and synchronized platform.

What sports are china competing in at the olympic games 2008?

Many but the sport to Watch is diving. Liu Xiang had a chace but too bad :(

How many Olympic diving heights are there?

There is a 1 meter and 3 meter springboard and a 5 meter, 7 meter, and 10 meter platform.

How many members are there in US Diving?

In my diving club, there are no members in the US diving at the moment.

How many boards did the mongols hoard?

The mongols hoarded as many boards as they could hoard if they could hoard boards.

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