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Men have competed in Olympic discus since the first Modern Olympics in 1896. Women have competed in Olympic discus since 1928.

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Q: How many discus events in modern olympic games?
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What events took place in the first modern Olympic Games?

Wrestling, long jump, athletics, discus, chariot racing.

What were the events in the greek olympic games?

the events were discus, long jump, javlin, wrestliing, and runing

What ancient sports are still in the modern games olympic?

Discus and javelin.

How many events are alike in the modern and ancient Olympic games?

* about 5 or 9 and one of them is discus throwing.

How many Olympic events are alike in the modern Olympic games and the ancient Olympic games?

about 5 or 9.

Which events are in the modern Olympic Games that were not in the ancient Olympic Games?

The answer is. . . POO!

What other events were introduced in to the ancient olympic games?

The Ancient Olympic Events are: Boxing Chariot Riding Riding Pankration Penathlon Discus Javelin Jump Running Wrestling

How many events are in the modern Olympic games?

302 events and 28 sports

4 events held in the olympic games?

Javelin, discus, wrestling, chariot racing, foot racing, pentathlon

Who invented discus throw?

Discus was one of the first events in the Olympic games back in the Greek times. It has been modified by multiple people, but initially the Greeks invented it

What were the similarities between the ancient Olympic games and the modern games?

By both of the games they still have discus, javelin and wrestling. they also have wresteling.

Was discus in the ancient Olympic games?

Yes they were

When the ancient games were at their peak what kinds of events filled the five days of the festival?

How did the Olympic Games change after the Romanโ€™s conquered the greeks

How many events have been held in every modern Olympic games and what are they?

Athletics events held at all modern Olympic Games have been the 100 meter dash, 400 meter run, 800 meter run, 1,500 meter run, long jump, pole vault, triple jump, discus throw, 110 meter hurdles, shot put, and marathon. The one swimming event held at all modern Games is the 100 meter freestyle.

When did discus become part of the olympic games?

776 BC

What events did the Greeks do in the olympic games?

At the greek games there where wrestling, boxing, long jump, javelin, discus chariot racing, pentathlon (javalin, discus, running, wrestling & long jump) and hoplites (runnig race in full amour and shields).

Who thought of the olympic games?

In ancient Greece, the Greeks invented the Olympic Games in honor of their gods. These athletic contests began about 776 BC. The games were held in Olympia, Greece and some of the athletic events included discus throws, running, and wrestling.

Name two sporting events that took place at the olympic games in ancient Greece?

boxing and discus were two of the nine events that took place during the ancient Greece Olympics.

What events took place in the ancient olympic games?

discus javelin hammer throw sprint high jump hoping the shoe throw lolz

How many events make up the decathlon in the Commonwealth Games except the discus?

A decathlon is always ten events. If you take out the discus throw, then you have nine events.

What are the games in the Olympic games?

there are a ton, but some include shotput, track, morathon, discus

Who was the Beijing Olympic games discus throw winner?

Gerd Kanter

What five events could people could compete in during the Greek Olympic games?

long jump,javelin throw,footrace,discus throw, and wrestling

When was the first modern Olympic Games held in Athens?

The first time the modern olympic games were held in Athens was the very first modern olympic games in 1896.

What were the first Olympic games that Italy attended and in which events did they compete?

Italy competed at the first Modern Olympic Games in 1896. They sent one athlete that compete in Shooting.