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The Titleist HP Eclipse Golf ball has 330 dimples.

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Q: How many dimples does the new titleist HP eclipse golf ball have?
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How dimples in a golf ball?

Anywhere from 300-400 dimples, a Titleist Pro V 1 has 392.

How many dots are on a Titleist 4 golf ball?

The number 4 is for identification purposes only, this does not affect the amount of dimples. A Titleist golf ball usually has 332 dimples on a Pro V 1X, and 392 for a Pro V 1.

How many pits are on a golf ball?

They are called dimples and there are between 300-450. On a Titleist Pro V 1 there are 392 dimples.

How many dimples are their on a titleist pro v1 golf ball?

currently has a 352 dimple pattern

How many dimples are there on titleist pro vi golf?

352 dimples

What is different about Titleist balls than other balls?

The difference between Titleist golf balls and other branded golf balls is simply the amount of dimples the ball has, the Titleist design helps the ball travel through rough and windy weather.

How many indentations are on a golf ball?

They are called dimples and there is usually between 300 and 450 of them. On a Titleist Pro V 1 there are 392 dimples.

How many divets are on a golf ball?

Golf balls range in the amount of dimples they have and the patterns and sizes of the dimples on the balls, for example the Titleist ProV1 has 392 dimples whereas their DT Carry model has only 252.

How many dimples are on a regulation golf ball?

there are 336 dimples on a golf ball.

Is there a regulation number of dimples on golf ball?

336 dimples on a regulation golf ball

What goes further a golf ball with a lot of dimples or a golf ball with fewer dimples?

A golf ball with more dimples goes the furthest because the more dimples the straighteir the accurcy and line up is.

What do you call the dimples on a golf ball?


What are the golf ball dimples called?


Why does wwwpgatourcom only show when players use titleist golf ball?

This is because Titleist has agreements in place with PGATOUR.COM and The Golf channel that they will indicate which players use a Titleist ball.

What does NXT mean on a titleist golf ball?

That is just the name of the ball, the NXT ball is one of Titleist products.

How many circles are on a regular sized golf ball?

They are called dimples, and there is about 300- 400 dimples on a golf ball.

What is the best golf ball for a high handicap player?

the titleist velocity golf ball

Why does the golf ball have so many dimples?

The dimples on a golf ball are designed to make the ball aerodynamic and fly as smoothly through the air as it can. The reason there are so many dimples as it is as many as they can fit on the golf ball to give it the best flight.

What is a slogan for a golf ball?

its not how you mark your ball, its how you mark your titleist.

If a baseball had dimples?

It would be a golf ball. No, a baseball does not have dimples

How many holes on a golf ball?

They are called dimples, there is between 330 and 400 dimples on a golf ball, it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

How many bumps are on a golf ball?

there are 538 average dimples on a golf ball

What has on average 236 dimples?

A golf ball may have 236 dimples.

What has 335 dimples?

A golf ball

What golf ball is the longest?

Titleist ProV1 X

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