How many different sports are played in Africa?

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they play many sports their but it is just for fun! the biggest sport their is probaly soccer.

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Q: How many different sports are played in Africa?
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What sports were played in 1861?

There were many different sports played in the 1650's like crcket There were many different sports played in the 1650's like crcket

What sports do you do in Africa?

Many sports are played through out Africa. Some sports, in fact many American sports are shared in Africa.Some sports they have that we do not include cricket. Popular sports are golfing,surfing,running,rugby,hockey,boxing and swimming. These all were noot invented in the US and shared with Africa, but invented in different parts of the world, and our two continents enjoy them.All of these sports can take a huge part in Africa's culture, and enjoyed in their land as in ours. :)

How many sports are played in china?

Many like around 20 different sports

How many different sports are there in Australia?

Numerous different sports are played in Australia. Any sport that is played overseas is played in Australia, although snow and ice-based sports are to a lesser degree.

How many different kinds of sports are played in the US?


Is there Racial discrimination in sports?

Yes there is racial dicrimination on sports, many of them happen in sports that include different cultures like Africa and many other cultures and ethnicitys!

Do you use do or play or go with different sports?

It would be play, as the sentence would read for example, 'Do you play different sports?','Pintsinker has played many different sports in his lifetime', or even 'Pintsinker is hopeless at playing different sports'.

What is the common sport in Africa?

Different countries in Africa play many different sports, football (soccer) is very popular in most African countries, also South Africa are a big rugby nation

How many different sports are going to be played in the Olympics games in 2012?


How many sports are played in Hawaii?

Many sports are played in Hawaii!!

How many different total sports will be played in 2014?

There are more than 1000 different title sports that are played every year; year in year out. These title sports are usually divided into two, indoor games and the outdoor games.

Is Africa good in sport?

Africa is a massive continent, with over 50 countries, and hundreds of millions of people, and they play a lot of sports. Different parts of Africa are very good at certain sports. In South Africa, they are good at rugby and cricket for example. In countries in the east of Africa, like Kenya and Ethiopia, they are very good at middle to long distance athletics. There are many other countries around Africa that are good at different sports. So the answer would be yes.

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