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The amount of plays that exist in an NFL offensive playbook depend on the team, and the current coach's playbook. Some teams have a lot of different plays, but some rely on similar plays throughout a game.

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They don't exactly have a playbook like football

On a pitch, assuming that there are runner(s) on base, things that can be done by the batting team are


Double Steal

Triple Steal

Hit and Run

Run and Hit

Sac Bunt

Sac Fly

Bunt for hit

Swing Away

Take the pitch

Things can be done by the pitching team are

Infield in

Infield shift left

Infield shift right

Infield play deep

Infield guard lines

Wheel play

Infield bunt

Outfield shift left

Outfield shift right

Outfield guard line

Outfield play deep

Outfield playing in

Pitch a strike

Pitch a ball

Intentional Walk

Hit the batter


Pickoff to a base

Hidden ball trick

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well, each different NFL team has their own number of plays

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Q: How many different football plays are there in the NFL?
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