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Q: How many different fighters did Muhammad Ali fight?
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How many battles did the Prophet Muhammad fight?

7 battles

How many armature fights did Muhammad Ali fight in?


How many times did sonny liston and Muhammad Ali fight?


How many different game modes there in appgear foam fighters?


How many fight has Muhammad ali won?

Muhammad Ali has had 61 fights he only won 56 of them he has won 37 times by KO's

Is there a list of fighters that Ali fought?

yes. for a list of everyone professional fight Muhammad Ali has ever fought, go here: it gives you the dates, name of the opponent, whether he won or lost, how many rounds, where the fight took place, etc.

How many times a year do ufc fighters fight?

they only fight evey 3 to 4 months ut train a crap load iin between

What airplanes where used in world war 1?

Many airplanes were used in WW1. The British had at least 12 kinds of fighters, 10 12 kinds of bombers and many 'observation aircraft. The Germans had many more kinds of fighters , but fewer bombers. The French had many fighters and a few different bombers. Altogether at least 85-100 different aircraft

How many fights did Muhammad ALI hold the title for?

Muhammad Ali defended his first tittle 9 times for 5 years before he was stripped of it for not going to fight in Vietnam.

Who fought in the most mma matches?

Two of the fighters with the highest fight totals are Dan Severn(109) and Travis Fulton (245). But since MMA was underground for a while it is hard to determine many older fighters actual fight totals. A website to check on most records is called They have a fighter finder that is hands down the best in the world for mma fighters.

How do you get skills in fossil fighters?

You need to have lots of fossil parts ( Head, Arms, Legs and Body ) and clean them WELL, fight many fossil fighters and you'll have lots of skill in no time! (Rank up !) DONE!!!

How Many Times Did Muhammad Ali win the world heavyweight belt?

Three...First was Sonny Liston Fight, Second was George Foreman Fight, Third was Leon Spinks Re-Match Fight...

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