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Q: How many different countries make up the squad of 25 players?
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Do some cheer squads make their players cheer with vibrators in?

No, a cheer squad would not make their cheer players cheer with anything inside them. Rumors like this are started by younger children.

Unlock curse mark sasuke wii?

you go into training and then go to squad tranining. make different teams and use there squad combo move.

What are the requirements to be placed on the practice squad?

Basically, 53 players make a football squad in the NFL. Of those 53, 45 dress to play for a game. The others are considered the 'practice squad'. There are no real requirements to be on the practice squad other than the coaching staff believes that you are the 46th-53rd best player on the team. The practice squad is very important since if someone on the 45 man active roster gets hurt, the first place a team will look to replace the injured player is the practice squad.The above is incorrect. The practice squad is an additional group of 8 players in addition to the regular roster of 53. For each game, 8 of the 53 players are designated as "inactive" for the game, but that is separate from the practice squad.

How much do basketball players make a year?

Basketball players make different salaries. it just depends on how much the coach offers him for the season, and if the player accepts it

Why do professional Australian basketballers mainly play in the US?

They can make more money plus they can play against better talent as many players from many different countries come to the US to play basketball.

Make a sentence with dialect?

people from different countries speak different dialect.

What do baseball practice squad make?

NBA doesn't have a practice squad

What is the optimum number for a five a side squad considering substitutions and injuries as well as players that cant make it etc?

Probably around 12. It also depends on your budget, equipment, etc.

How to make a sentence for squad?

the dance squad did a great job at the talent show. The judge did not approve the basketball squad. The coach did not like the soccer squad so, he fired them. The teacher disliked the volleyball squad.

What is the motto of Zombie Squad?

Zombie Squad's motto is 'We make dead things deader'.

What is the acronym of NHL stand for?

NHL stands for the National Hockey League. This league includes countries such as Canada and the united states. sometimes players from Sweden and other European countries come and get drafted into the NHL. The players make lots of money from playing in this league.

How many soccer players make up a team?

11 on the field and up to 9 other players on the sidelines who get subbed in (in professional soccer you only get 4 subs). Major international tournaments, such as the World Cup or the European Championship, feature teams with squads of 23 players. Apart from the 11 players on the pitch, any 3 of the other 12 left on the bench can be used as substitues during the match. Other competitions, such as the Olympic Games, allow for a squad consisting of a maximum of 18 players; again, a maximum of 3 substitutes can be used during a match. Still others allow for a squad of 16 players, with, once again, a maximum of 3 substitutes permitted.