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Duke vs. Notre Dame final score at the Joyce Center is 76-72 in favor of Notre Dame

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Q: How many did duke beat Notre Dame basketball?
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duke or notre dame college basketball most win series??

Who the most win duke or Notre Dame college basketball?

Total Meetings (4) Notre Dame Won 3 times and lost once

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Mike Brey,-Notre Dame -Tommy Amaker,- Harvard -Jeff Capel, -Oklahoma- Davd Henderson, -Delaware -JohnnyDawkins,- Stanford.

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yes, in 2010 against notre dame

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Did Wagner college ever beat duke in basketball?

Yes they did. On January 5th 1983 they beat Duke 84-77.

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There are 10 teams that have reached over 1,719 wins in college basketball. Here is the Top 10: Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina, Duke, Syracuse, Temple, St. John's, UCLA, Notre Dame and Indiana.

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