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Q: How many detectives do they have per team?
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How many pages does Dark Detectives have?

Dark Detectives has 395 pages.

How many players can there be on the field?

Maximum 11 per team, minimum 7 per team.

How many out are there in an inning?

6 there are three outs per team!

Who dictates when arson is the cause of fire?

A team of police detectives and fire department personnel.

How many detectives were there in 1856?


How many people are selected in a cricket team?

Its 12 players per team

What is the collective noun for detectives?

There doesn't seem to be an "official" collective noun for detectives. Detectives are people, so the traditional collective nouns would be words appropriate to the context, such as a team, a crew, a shift, a group, or a squad.There are many suggested collective nouns for detectives, however. Some have been used in published works, while others have just been suggested by different collective noun advocates:A hunch of detectivesA suspicion of detectivesA case of detectivesAn investigation of detectivesA bergerac of detectives

What is the world's greatest detectives team?

The Dominate Bombinate League with Head Butt, Clueless, etc...

How many pages does The Fairy-tale Detectives have?

"The Fairy-tale Detectives" by Michael Buckley has 284 pages in the paperback edition.

How many drivers of a Nascar team drive in the same race?

Depends on how many cars the team has, but one driver per team.

What are the names of some famous psychic detectives?

The names of some famous psychic detectives are, Sylvia Browne, A. Owen, P. Hurkes and G. Croiset, Sr. Many real detectives are skeptical about psychic detectives and rarely use them.

In basketball how many players per team allowed on the court at once?

there can be 5 people per team on the court, 10 in total