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Baltimore Ravens players Joe Flacco and Ray Lewis both won MVP honors for their roles in Super Bowl XLVII and XXXV, respectively.

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There are only two defensive players who have won the NFL MVP. They are Alan Page and Lawrence Taylor, winning it in 1971 and 1986 respectively.

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3 (2 safeties, 1 cornerback).

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Q: How many defensive players have won the NFL league MVP?
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Who are the only two NFL defensive players to be named league mvp in the NFL?

1971, Alan Page, DT, Minnesota Vikings and 1986, Lawrence Taylor, LB, New York Giants.

Who was the national league mvp in 1979?

1979 NL MVPsThe 1979 National League MVP was won by two players. Keith Hernandez, and Willie Stargell.

Who are the Most Valuable Players in the National and American Leagues?

In 2009 Albert Pujols won the National League MVP, and Joe Mauer won the American League MVP.

How many times did Michael Jordan win league mvp?

He won 5 league MVP's and 6 NBA final's MVP.

Which two players won the Rookie of the Year and MVP and Triple Crown?

Frank Robinson was National League Rookie of the Year in 1956, American League Triple Crown winner in 1966, National League MVP in 1961 and American League MVP in 1966. I don't know of a second.

Was Sidney Crosby the 2006-2007 NHL MVP?

Yes. He won the Hart Trophy (League MVP) and the Pearson Trophy (MVP, voted by players) after the 2006-2007 season.

How many players have won the nba mvp and the finals mvp in the same season?

Tim Duncan won both the MVP and Finals MVP in the 2002-03 Season

What are some softball awards?

offensive mvp, defensive mvp, greatest homeruns

How many players have won both the NFL MVP and the super bowl mvp in the same season?

6 times (so far). Bart Starr (1966) Terry Bradshaw (1978) Joe Montana (1989) Emmitt Smith (1993) Steve Young (1994) Kurt Warner (1999) Brett Favre (1996) won the League MVP, but the Super Bowl MVP that year was surprisingly awarded to Desmond Howard. Peyton Manning will obviously have an opportunity to become the 7th in the 2009 season, when he plays in Super Bowl XLIV.

What year were 3 players named MVP in baseball?

There has never been a three way tie for MVP in a single league, however, in 1979 there was a tie between Keith Hernandez of the St. Louis Cardinals and Willie Stargell of the Pittsburgh Pirates for the National League MVP. With Don Baylor being the American League MVP that year, it could be said that 1979 was the year that three players were named MVP. This also occurred in 1930 when both the Sporting News and the Baseball Writers Association of America selected the MVP. Joe Cronin of the Washington Senators was selected as American League MVP by both organizations and Bill Terry of the New York Giants (Sporting News) and Hack Wilson (BBWAA) of the Chicago Cubs were selected National League MVPs.

What position is named mvp in most Super Bowls?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, odds are a quarterback will be named MVP of the Super Bowl. 22 MVPs were quarterbacks 7 MVPs were running backs 6 MVPs were wide receivers 3 MVPs were defensive linemen 2 MVPs were safeties 2 MVPs were linebackers 1 MVP was a cornerback 1 MVP was a kick returner Though there have been 43 Super Bowls, there have been 44 Super Bowl MVPs. This is because there was a tie in the voting for MVP in Super Bowl XII, therefore, two players were awarded the MVP. Both players were defensive linemen.