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Average of 8 deaths a year in American football.

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Q: How many deaths in football?
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How many deaths from football per year?

18 deaths per year.

How many deaths in football have there been in the past five years?


How many American football related deaths have there been in the past 5 years?

about 415

On average how many football players a year die?

If you're asking about playing related deaths the NFL, less than one. If you're asking about playing related deaths in any football league or association, no one keeps those kinds of statistics.

What sport causes most deaths?


What are the odds of dying in football?

You have a 2% chance of dying in football.But,there have been deaths in the early days of football

The firebombing of Tokyo?

resulted in many civilian deaths.

How many football related deaths between 1982 and 2007?

"there hardly any one that's dies in football but my guest is few"That statement from whoever answered before me is somewhat true, if you're only talking about the last few years.Here is a list of recorded Football deaths in the U.S over the last 50 or so years up 'till the 90s:YearDeaths19672419683619692319702919712019722219739197411197515197618197710197891979419809198191982919834198461985719861119874198871989419900

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Many deaths are caused by bullying.

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I think the most dangerous sport would be wrestling 2nd would be football. (I <3 football)

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two deaths

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Deaths in general? Too many to keep track of.

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Since unknown deaths are unknown, it is obvious that nobody knows how many there are.

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