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there is 12 former UCLA players in the NBA the most by any college program Duke is second with 10

There are 14 former UCLA Bruins on NBA rosters currently. They are Jrue Holiday, Jason Kapano, Earl Watson, Matt Barnes, Darren Collison, Jordan Farmar, Ryan Hollins, Dan Gadzuric, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Trevor Ariza, Kevin Love, Baron Davis, Arron Afflalo, and Russell Westbrook.

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As of the 2009-10 season, 77 NBA players have gone to UCLA:

  1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  2. Mahdi Abdul-Rahman
  3. Arron Afflalo
  4. Lucius Allen
  5. Darrell Allums
  6. Trevor Ariza
  7. Toby Bailey
  8. Don Barksdale
  9. Matt Barnes
  10. Henry Bibby
  11. Cedric Bozeman
  12. Mitchell Butler
  13. Darren Collison
  14. Baron Davis
  15. Darren Daye
  16. Ralph Drollinger
  17. Mark Eaton
  18. Tyus Edney
  19. Keith Erickson
  20. Jordan Farmar
  21. Kenny Fields
  22. Rod Foster
  23. Dan Gadzuric
  24. Gail Goodrich
  25. Stuart Gray
  26. Dave Greenwood
  27. Jack Haley
  28. Roy Hamilton
  29. J.R. Henderson
  30. Jrue Holiday
  31. Brad Holland
  32. Ryan Hollins
  33. Mike Holton
  34. Ralph Jackson
  35. marques Johnson
  36. Jason Kapono
  37. Edgar Lacy
  38. Greg Lee
  39. Kevin Love
  40. Mike Lynn
  41. Don MacLean
  42. Gerald Madkins
  43. Darrick Martin
  44. Luc Mbah a Moute
  45. Andre McCarter
  46. Jelani McCoy
  47. Dave Meyers
  48. Reggie Miller
  49. Dave Minor
  50. Jerome Moiso
  51. Tracy Murray
  52. Swen Nater
  53. Willie Naulls
  54. Charles O'Bannon
  55. Ed O'Bannon
  56. Keith Owens
  57. Steve Patterson
  58. Richard Petruska
  59. Pooh Richardson
  60. Curtis Rowe
  61. Mike Sanders
  62. Alan Sawyer
  63. Lynn Shackelford
  64. Dijon Thompson
  65. Raymond Towsend
  66. John Vallely
  67. Kiki Vandeweghe
  68. Bill Walton
  69. Richard Washington
  70. Earl Watson
  71. Russel Westbrook
  72. Sidney Wicks
  73. Jamaal Wilkes
  74. James Wilkes
  75. Trevor Wilson
  76. Brad Wright
  77. George Zidek
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no one can name all of them but if your talking about the three most famous ones there is baron Davis, reggie miller, and kareem Abdul jabbar

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77 as of the 2009/2010 season.

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Q: How many current nba players went to UCLA?
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