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  1. Dale Jr.
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Q: How many current Nascar drivers are from North Carolina?
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Which state has the most NASCAR drivers?

North Carolina.

Where do most NASCAR drivers live?

Most of the Nascar drivers live in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

How many Nascar drivers were born in North Carolina?

Many Nascar drivers were born in North Carolina.Some include:Lee, Richard and Kyle PettyDale Earnhardt Sr. and Jr.Ned and Dale Jarrett

What is the state of North Carolina?

It is the large piece of land filled with BBQ and NASCAR drivers that separates Virginia from South Carolina.

Which NASCAR drivers live in North Carolina?

Dale Earnhardt Jr., Dale Jarrett, and Kyle Petty.

Name of the Drug companies that drug testing nascar drivers?

I'd say they use LabCorp--NASCAR likes using North Carolina companies if they can, and LabCorp is in Burlington.

Why did NASCAR abandon North Carolina Speedway?

NASCAR abandoned North Carolina Speedway to make way for a different track to open. NASCAR will not extend the season by adding more races.

Can you get a North Carolina drivers license if your South Carolina drivers license are suspended?


Can you get a drivers license in North Dakota if my drivers license is revoked in North Carolina?


What state earned the name Nascar Valley?

North Carolina

Which region of North Carolina are Nascar teams based?


Where is the headquarters of Lionel NASCAR collectibles?

Concord, North Carolina

What does North Carolina give other states?

Nascar and tobacco

Which state has the nickname NASCAR Valley?

North Carolina

What is the current minimum wage in North Carolina?

the current minimum wage in north carolina is $7.50 an hour

What sports do they have in North Carolina?

NASCAR racing. The Duke Blue Devils collegiate athletic program. North Carolina also has the Carolina Panthers (NFL) and the Carolina Hurricanes (NHL).

What is the current population of North Carolina?

The population of North Carolina is approximately 9,250,000.

If your drivers license is suspended in west Virginia can you get a North Carolina drivers license?


What is a NC drivers license?

NoncommercialAdded: Or . . . North Carolina.

What are some major industries in the Piedmont region of North Carolina?

Nascar, and Lowes.

Does Jimmie Johnson Nascar driver live in Missouri?

No he lives in North Carolina.

What state does Nascar driver Ryan Newman live in?

Nascar driver Ryan Newman lives in Statesville, North Carolina.

Who is the current governor of North Carolina?

Roy Cooper is the current governor of North Carolina, and has been so since 2017.

In what city is the new Nascar Hall of Fame being built?

Charlotte, North Carolina.

What states can you get a drivers license in if they are suspended in North Carolina?