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Q: How many current Braves uniforms are there?
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What does the braves uniform look like?

Go to : for current uniforms.

How many Braves uniforms are there?

The Braves have 4 different uniforms 1. White Home 2. Red Home (Sunday Home Games Only) 3. Gray Road 4. New for 2008 Blue Alternate Road

Why are some Atlanta Braves retired numbers red and some blue on the Turner Field wall?

The numbers have colors designed to reflect the uniforms worn by players of different eras. As a result, the red 21 representing Warren Spahn looks like something from the old Boston Braves uniforms. Meanwhile, the blue 3 worn by Dale Murphy produces memories of the uniforms the Braves wore in the 1980s.

When do the Atlanta Braves wear red?

The red unifomrs are their home alternate uniforms. They wear them on Sundays.

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What current MLB manager played and managed for the Braves during his career?

Joe Torre played for the Braves, and later managed them.

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