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Arsenal has 38 cups. Arsenal Home football jerseyscheap authentic football jerseys. Round collar, short sleeves, Red color and embroidered team badge and brand logo on the football shirt.

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Q: How many cups does arsenal have?
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How many cups has arsenal more than Chelsea?

Chelsea has won more cups than arsenal

How many cups did arsenal win all together?

I know that arsenal have won 18 cups all together

How many cups have arsenal won?

Arsenal have won a total of 47 major trophies.

How many cups has arsenal won?

63 altogether

How many premier league cups have Arsenal won?


How many league one cups did arsenal win?


How many league cups have arsenal won?

Arsenal have won the League Cup twice; 1986/87, 1992/93

How many FA cups arsenal won?

They have won 10 in total

How many premier league cups have arsenal fc won?


How many cups have arsenal won all together?

They have one 7

How many cups arsenal collected from 2000 to 2010?

They won 7 cup in those years.

How many fa cups have arsenal won since 1996?

Four: 1998, 2002, 2003 and 2005.

How many titles has arsenal fc won?

Arsenal have won: 13 League Titles 10 FA Cups 2 League Cups 12 FA Community Shields :)

How many trophies has Arsenal won?

Arsenal Football Club has won a total amount of 38 cups since its establishment in 1886. See in the related links for details

How many trophies has arsene wenger won at arsenal?

3 Premier League titles and 4 FA Cups.

How many cups have Arsenal won in last 5 years?

For the seasons 2008/2009, 2009/2010, 2010/2011, 2011/2012, 2012/2013 Arsenal did not win any trophies.

Is Tottenham better then arsenal?

It all depends on the cups and the skill, and Tottenham has WAY more of both them things then Arsenal. YIDARMY

How many times have arsenal won the carlin cup?

The Arsenal has only won the Carling Cup two times. However, English football is divided into different divisions and Arsenal is actually one of the most successful teams in English football history, winning 11 F. A. Cups for 13 total championships.

How many cups have arsenal fc won?

Arsenal have won 39 major honours in their history: 13 league titles (10 Division 1 trophies, and 3 Premier League trophies) 10 FA Cups 2 League Cups (or Carling Cups) 1 European Cup Winners Cup 1 European Fairs Cup 12 Community Shields (or Charity Shields) Arsenal have also won several friendly honours (e.g. the Emirates Cup)

Which is better manu or Arsenal?

according to the statistics. Manchester united have won more Fa.premier league, Fa cups and uefa champions league than arsenal

How many Europa cups has Arsenal won?

They have won two European club competitions. They won the UEFA Cup in 1970 and the Cup Winners Cup in 1994.

How many europa leagues have arsenal won?

None. The only European cups Arsenal have won are the European Cup winners Cup in1993/94, and the European Fairs Cup in 1969/70. Arsenal did reach the final of the Europa League (then called the UEFA Cup) once in 2000, but lost 4-1 on penalties to Galatasaray after drawing 0-0.

How many English premership titles have arsenal won?

, they have won 13 First Division and Premier League titles and a joint record 11 FA Cups.

How many players do Arsenal have?

There are 34 players at Arsenal.

Which player won two FA cups back to back with different clubs?

The first one to do it was Brian Talbot, for Ipswich against Arsenal in 1978 and for Arsenal against Man United in 1979.