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it is 11 +4 multiplied by 13 * 268 now you do the calculation yourself and then figure out the right answer

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Q: How many cricketers are there in the world?
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What is the connection between a mythical Greek God and your world-cup cricketers?

The world cup cricketers are NOT myths, they are MEN.

How many Bangladesh cricketers hit 4 sixes in the ICC Cricket World Cup?


Who was one of the greatest cricketers in the world?

sir Donald bradman

How many cricketers are vegetarian?

Virender Sehwag

Should young cricketers be given a chance in the ICC T20 world cup?

Yes, because younger cricketers are always doing well in T20 matches.

How many Cricketers got 7wickets in cricket world cup?

Only one cricketer.McGrath from australia took 7 wickets in an inning

How many Australian Cricketers have played in the Ashes?

alot .

How many cricketers have won rajiv gandhi khel ratna?


Who are the best cricketers in the world?

There are many. Some of them are:Sachin TendulkarBrian LaraAlan BorderSteve WaughImran KhanIan BothamDon BradmanClive LloydGordon GreenidgeSunil Gavaskaretcthe list is endless...

Which Australian cricketers belong to Australia?

All Australians cricketers belong to Australia.

When was Professional Cricketers' Association created?

Professional Cricketers' Association was created in 1967.

Who are the only cricketers to represent two different teams during the world cup?

It is Kepler Wessels.