How many coutries are not participating?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Just about all of them are. 204 are, and many sources say there are only 199 countries in the world. :/

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Q: How many coutries are not participating?
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How many coutries are there?

About 200

How many coutries are there in the world?


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How many coutries play soccer?

the whole world

What are examples of a developing coutries?

Haiti and many countries in Africa

How many coutries are in Central America?

14 countries are in Central Amrerica

What coutries were allies of the us during World War 2?

The major powers in the alliance were America, the USSR and Britain. France was a participating nonentity for most of the war. Canada and China were the next most important members.

How many coutries in top 10?

There are likely 10 countries in the top 10

Number of players participating from India in the commonwealth games?

so many of them are participating

How many coutries are supporting haiti?

13 but money is not going to help them food is and water

How many people are participating London Olympics?

My guess, 12000 are participating in the London Olympics