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well there are millions of them I do not even know i am saying 23

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Q: How many courts are there at the Australian Open?
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In which year did Australian Open move from grass courts to hard courts?

No, the Australian Open has not always been on hard court. Before 1988, the Australian Open featured grass courts, which was common at the time. However, it became very costly to maintain, so in 1988, the Australian Open switched to hard courts.

Who has won open single titles on the both grass and the hard courts of Australian Open?


What are the 4 major tournaments and what type of surface were they played on?

The four major tennis tournaments are the Australian Open (January), French Open (May/June), Wimbledon (June/July), and US Open (Aug./Sept.) Both Australian Open and US Open are played on hard court surfaces. The Australian Open currently uses Plexicushion and the US Open uses hard court DecoTurf surface. The French Open is played on clay courts and Wimbledon is played on grass courts.

What are the surfaces of the four grand slams of tennis?

Australian Open (Hard Court) French Open (Clay Court) Wimbledon (Grass) US Open (Hard Courts)

How many courts at the French Open?


What kind of courts do they play on at the US Open?

AUSTRALIAN OPENRod Laver ArenaHisense ArenaMargaret Smith CourtROLAND GARROSCourt Philippe ChatrierCourt Suzanne LenglenWIMBLEDONCentre CourtUS OPENArtur Ashe StadiumLouis Armstrong StadiumGrand Stand

Is the Australian open indoors or outdoors?

the Australian open is outdoors unless its not weather permitting and you know the Australian open is tennis right?

What month is the Australian open?

The Australian Open is held in January, during the middle of the Australian summer.

How many Australian Open Runs did Martina Navratilova win?


What are the highest courts in each of the Australian states?

The Supreme Court is the highest court in each of the Australian states.

When was Women's Australian Open created?

Women's Australian Open was created in 1974.

When was Australian Open - golf - created?

Australian Open - golf - was created in 1904.