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92398234820830728 countries

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2011-03-17 12:00:10
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Q: How many countries or nations are competing in the Vancouver 2010 winter Olympics?
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How many countries is competing in the 2012 Olympics?

there are 204 nations competing in this olympics

How many countries are competing in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games?

There will be 77 countries involved in the 2010 winter Olympics this year. the 2010 Winter Olympics will have 80 plus nations competing. the next Summer Olympics will be on 2012 and will be in London.

How many countries competed in the winter Olympics Vancouver?

82 nations.

How many countries participated in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics?

The most ever nations - 82 - will be competing in the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. In the last Winter games in Torino, 80 nations competed. Five nations will make their first ever appearance: Cayman Islands, Pakistan, Colombia, Montenegro and Ghana.

How many nations are competing in the 2010 Olympics?

82 nations are competing in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. The Cayman Islands, Columbia, Ghana, Montenegro, Pakistan, Peru, and Serbia will competing in their first Winter Olympics. Costa Rico, Kenya, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Thailand, Virgin Islands, and Venezuela are not participating in this years Olympics but did participate in the 2006 in Turin, Italy.

How many athletes and countries participated in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics?

2,566 athletes from 82 different nations competed at the 2010 Olympics.

How many nations competing in 2012 Olympics?


How many nations from Africa competing in 2012 Olympics?


How many nations are competing in the winter Olympics 2010?


How is it possible that there are more nations competing in the Olympics than there is in the world?

There isn't , that's how

What countries are in the olympic games 2012?

There are 197 qualified nations competing in the 2012 Olympic games. However, it is estimated that 204 nations will be competing (dependent territories are included as countries).

What countries are competing at the 2008 Beijing Olympic games?

204 nations.

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