How many countries are in Ohio?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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their are 88 countries in this state

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Q: How many countries are in Ohio?
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What Countries start with C close to Ohio?

Canada is relatively close to Ohio, across Lake Erie.

Which state lies directly south of New York and east of Ohio?

Directly south of New York and east of Ohio is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. For many decades, settlers were not permitted to cross the Appalachian Mountains. Many countries fought over the Ohio Territory, so it did not open for settlement until nearly 1800.

What produce does Ohio trade with other countries or states?


Is it illegal to hunt whale is Ohio?

Whale hunting is illegal, but some countries do it anyway. Where would you find whale in Ohio?!

In which present-day countries did the ancient maya live?

in sentrul ohio

Which four countries developed spacelab?

Ohio alsaka Michigan goregia

What countries were in between theirtrip from Pittsburgh to pacific ocean?

ohio and mexico

What countries border Ohio State?

your mom and every other state

What countries start with the letter z in US?

There are no countries in the United States. The city Zanesville Ohio is in the U.S. Outside of the U.S. there are the countries Zambia and Zimbabwe.

How many kind of flowers are there in Ohio?

What flowers are in Ohio

How many Wendy's are there in Ohio?

880 Wendys in Ohio

How many lighthouses does Ohio have?

Ohio has 24 lighthouses.