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Q: How many corners per average premier league game?
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Who played in first premier league game and is still playing in premier league?


How old was Rooney in his first premier league game?

He was 16 when he played his first Premier League game, which was with Everton in August 2002.

Does a premier league red card ban be applied to a league cup game?


Who plays in first premier league game 2009 2010?

the first premier league gme in 2009-2010 is fulham -liverpool

What does the Fantasy Football Premier League offer?

The Fantasy Football Premier League offers a free to play game. One can find more information about the Fantasy Football Premier League from their official website.

What is the average salary of an English Premier League assitant-referee?

around £70,000 a year

What league is mangester united in on fifa 2009 the video game?

Barclays Premier League.

When is the premier league last game of the season?

May 9th.

How many lines men in a premier league game?


Which premier league game had the most yellow cards?

Had to be a Blackburn or a Bolton game surely ;)

What was the average price of a matchday ticket for a Premier League game last season?

I do not know the average for matchday but for a mid season, season ticket (so half a year) the average price was around £700.

Who is the oldest goalkeeper to have played in a premier league game?

james lehman