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According to records, every game at Lambeau Field since 1960 has been a sellout. Through the end of the 2011 season, that's 386 games, not including playoffs. If you include the playoff sellouts, the total goes up to 405.

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Q: How many consecutive sellouts have there been at lambeau field?
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Where have the most NFL games been played?

Green Bay-- Lambeau Field

What is the height of Lambeau field?

The famous stadium "Lambeau Field" (actually the home stadium of the Green Bay Packers) is located is Green Bay, Wisconsin. It has been opened to the public in 1957 and has a capacity of 79,594.

Which NFL Stadium is the eldest?

Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI - opened in 1957.(Untold Truth)Actually the oldest field is Soldier Field in Chicago. It opened in 1924 with the name of Municipal Grant Park Stadium. The Bears didn't play there until 1971, but it has been there since the 20s.It depends on your take for "original". Original fields Lambeau is the oldest. Soldier field was renovated in 2000.- In 2000, the Bears announced that Soldier Field would be completely renovated and expanded as part of Chicago's Lakefront Improvement Plan. As part of a $365 million reconstruction project, the majority of Soldier Field was demolished with the exception of the exterior. With the demolishing of everything except the exterior its more proper to say Lambeau is the oldestREFER TO LINKS POSTED @ BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR MORE INFO ...

How old is Earl 'Curly' Lambeau?

Earl 'Curly' Lambeau was born on April 9, 1898 and died on June 1, 1965. Earl 'Curly' Lambeau would have been 67 years old at the time of death or 117 years old today.

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Is row 1 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay WI closes to the field or at the top?

If the section number starts with 1, like Section 128, row 1 is closest to the field. Sections that start with a number other than 1 are much higher in the stadium. Again, row 1 is the row closest to the field in that section, however there are about 60 rows of a section that starts with 1 in front of that row. Lived in Green Bay on and off for 20 years. I've been to many games.

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The correct answer is The Indian Packing Company Indians. The team was sponsored by Coach Curly Lambeau's employer : the Indian Packing Company. Although originally called the Indians, by the end of the first year, the local newspapers were already calling them the Packers. The Indian Packing Company Packers then became the Acme Packers when the Acme Packing Company bought out the Indian Packing company. When the Acme Packing Company stopped sponsoring the team, they became the Green Bay Packers. They have been nicknamed the Bays, the Blues, the Big Bay blues, The Pack and the Green and Gold. But none of these nicknames has ever been the offical name of the team.

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