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16 passes

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Q: How many consecutive complete passes did Tom Brady throw in super bowl 46?
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Who holds the super bowl record of most consecutive passes completed?

Tom Brady, of the New England Patriots, in Super Bowl XLVI (46). On February 5, 2012.

How many tochdown passes does Tom Brady have in Super Bowls?


Who has the most completed career passes in Super Bowl history?

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots currently holds the record for most complated passes, career in Super Bowl play. Brady has 100 completed passes in 4 Super Bowl appearances.

Who is the quarterback with the most completed passes in a Super Bowl game?

tom brady

How many career touchdown passes has Tom Brady thrown in the super bowl?


Most Consecutive Completions in Super Bowl?

16 by Tom Brady in Super Bowl 46 in a loss to the New York Giants

Which quarterback has the record for most consecutive completions in a super bowl?

Tom Brady in Super Bowl 46. The record stands at 16

Which quarterback holds the record for the most consecutive Super Bowl appearances?

Tom Brady as of 2-5-12.

Who completed 32 of 48 passes for 354 yards and 3 touchdowns in super bowl xxxviii?

Tom Brady

How many completed passed die Tom Brady make in the Super Bowl 2012?

He completed 27 of his 41 passes in Super Bowl 46

How many Super Bowl touchdown passes have Tom Brady thrown?

1 in Super Bowl 36 against the Rams 3 in Super Bowl 38 against the Panthers 2 in Super Bowl 39 against the Eagles 1 in a Super Bowl loss in Super Bowl 42 against the Giants 2 in a second Super Bowl loss to the Giants in Super Bowl 46 9 TD passes in 5 Super Bowl appearances for Tom Brady

What quarterback has completed the most passes in a Super Bowl game?

Tom Brady of the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVIII and Drew Brees of the Saints in Super Bowl XLIV, each with 32 completions.

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