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Including the 2008 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, the University of Kentucky has 17 consecutive appearances. Their current streak began with the 1992 tournament, and is currently the third longest active streak behind Arizona (24) and Kansas (18). Duke University is fourth on the list with 13 consecutive appearances.

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Q: How many consecutive NCAA tournament appearances does the University of Kentucky have?
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How many tournament appearances has the University of Kentucky had?

In the NCAA Tournament 2008 is Kentucky's 49th N.C.A.A. tournament berth and its 17th in succession.

Which school has made the most NCAA Mens Tournament appearances?

The University of Kentucky. As of 2008, they have appeared in the NCAA tournament 50 times.

What team in college basketball has had the most appearances in tournaments?

LouisvilleThe above answer is incorrect. Louisville ranks at number 5 with 38 appearances.The University of Kentucky has the most with 52 appearances in the tournament. These figures are for the NCAA tournament which is the one that counts.

How many teams are from Kentucky in the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament?

The University of Louisville, who was the number one overall seed in the tournament, and Western Kentucky University were the only two. Kentucky played in the NIT Tournament.

What current schools have seven straight NCAA tournament appearances?


What men's college basketball team has made the most tournament appearances?


What 4 schools have more tournament appearances than Louisville?

Kentucky Duke UNC UCLA

How many teams have a current streak of consecutive NCAA tournament appearances of 10 years or more?

Not sure, but I know the top 3: Arizona, 24 years (in jeopardy this year) Kansas, 19 years Kentucky, 15 years

What schools from Kentucky are represented in the mens basketball tournament 2008?

Western Kentucky, Louisville, Kentucky University

How many teams are from the state of Kentucky in the ncaa tournament?

In the 2013 NCAA men's basketball tournament, the Commonwealth of Kentucky was represented by two teams: the top-seeded University of Louisville and Western Kentucky University, which was the 16th seed in the South Region.

What team has made the most NCAA tournamnet appearances?

Kentucky has the most tournament appearances with 50. UCLA is 2nd with 42 and North Carolina is 3rd with 40.

What school has been to the NCAA basketball tournament most?

As of the 75th tournament (2013), for which Kentucky failed to receive a bid, Kentucky has appeared in 52 of the tournaments. This is eight more appearances than the school with the second-mostappearances: North Carolina, which made its 44th appearance in the 2013 tourney.

How many NCAA tournament games has Kansas University won?

How many tournament championships has Kansas University won is not the same question as how many tournament games has KU won. I am trying to compare it with Kentucky as 91.

What teams have the most NCAA tournament championships?

UCLA has won the most NCAA tournament championships having won 11. University of Kentucky is second on the list with 8 wins in the tournament.

When was the last time University of Kentucky had to play a first round game in SEC Tournament?


Which NCAA team has the most Elite 8 appearances?

University of Kentucky with 48. UNC has 39 as does UCLA.

What College basketball team has the most consecutive wins at home?

I believe that the University of Kentucky Wildcats holds the record for consecutive home court wins with 129.

School with most NCAA basketball tournament wins?

The university of Kentucky holds the mark followed by UNC

Which NCAA division 1 basketball team has the most NCAA tournament appearances?

Including the 2009 NCAA Tournament... Kentucky - 50 UCLA - 43 North Carolina - 41 Kansas - 38

How many consecutive games has Kentucky won at home?

The University of Kentucky has quite the sports history. As of July of 2014, the men's basketball team has won 129 straight games at home.

How many teams from Kentucky for March Madness 09?

there were four(4) teams from Kentucky that played in the NCAA tournament there were four(4) teams from Kentucky that played in the NCAA tournament

What is the largest university in Kentucky?

In terms of the number of students, the University of Kentucky is the largest in Kentucky, with the University of Louisville behind Kentucky (like usual ;) )

What is the university of Kentucky is located in what city?

The University of Kentucky is located in Lexington, Kentucky.

How many time has Kentucky appeared in the NCAA tournament?

Kentucky has appeared in the NCAA Tournament 50 times and has been to the NCAA Final Four 13 times.

What colleges can I take a vet tech classes in Kentucky?

Eastern Kentucky University, University of Kentucky, Murray State, Morehead State University, Northern Kentucky University, Western Kentucky University are few colleges that teach vet tech classes.