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Jim Stynes played a magnificent 244 games in a row. In 1998 (I think), he suffered a broken hand and missed a couple of games.

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Q: How many consecutive AFL games did Jim Stynes play?
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How many consecutive baseball games did Lou Gehrig play in?

Lou Gehrig played in 2,130 consecutive games.

How many consecutive games did Cal Ripken Jr play in?

2,632 games over 16

How many games did baseball player Chris Stynes play as designated hitter for the Kansas City Royals in 1995?

Chris Stynes played in 2 games at designated hitter for the Kansas City Royals in 1995, starting in none of them. , equivalent to 0 errors per game (estimate based on total games played in).

How many consecutive games did Lou Gehrig play from 1925 to 1939?

Lou Gehrig played in 2,130 consecutive games from June 2, 1925 to April 30, 1939.

Can a mlb pitcher pitch consecutive games?

Yes, a pitcher can pitch as many games as necessary, even if they are consecutive. Remember, starting pitchers aren't the only ones who pitch. Many times relievers and closers can play many games in a row, but starting pitchers still can pitch consecutive games if it is necessary. If there is any reason for the starting pitcher to play in a second consecutive game, he will more than likely pitch in relief for one or two innings.

What player played 2 consecutive monday night games?

Randy Moss will play in two consecutive Monday night games

How many consecutive games did Ted Hendricks play in?

Ted Hendricks did not miss a game in his entire career. He played in 215 consecutive games between 1969-1983, an NFL record for linebackers.

How many consecutive bowl games does Nebraska have?

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From May 30, 1982 until September 19, 1998, Cal Ripken Jr. played in a record 2,632 consecutive games.

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What injuries did Lou Gehrig play through during his 2130 consecutive games?

3-4 concussions

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